What Does Mooshi Mean?

When I was pregnant with our daughter, we came up with a range of nicknames we could call her based on her name. But when she was born, we started calling her Munchkin, then Munchkee Moo, and finally Mooshi.

Why the Focus on City Dwelling Families?

City living creates unique challenges and adventures for families. There's often no big box store to peruse aisles of baby products or large family-friendly restaurants guaranteed to have space for high chairs (or changing tables). We tend to live car-free and use public transportation or walk everywhere. We also live in smaller homes and need products/solutions with smaller footprints that blend into our existing space. But if you live outside of a city, a lot of this can still apply to you. All families are welcome here!

Is this Site Only for Families with Babies?

Nope! Families with toddlers and babies will likely get the most use out of it. But we will feature topics that can be relevant to a wide range of people!