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Bon Voyage: Favorite Travel Toys

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Whether you are going for a quick stroll or an overnight trip, you may realize that your tiny one who used to be ok flapping around a burp cloth, now needs something a little more interesting to hold their attention. If you're looking for something to keep them occupied that doesn't take up too much space, scroll on down!

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1. Jellycat Soft Cloth Baby Books

Mooshi still plays with these as a toddler, but she was absolutely obsessed when she was a baby. The Tails soft cloth series come in different themes, but all of them feature fun tails of different textures and crinkle pages. This isn't a book for story time since each page only has one word. But they are fun for little ones to grab, flip around, and turn the pages. It always kept her occupied in her stroller while I ran errands or when she was snuggled in her carseat in a restaurant booth table. I've had pretty good luck washing them on cold in a mesh bag and line drying them.

To buy on Amazon click here. You can also shop the collection directly at the Jellycat website.

2. Mud Pie Farm House Plush Set

This is just a simple set of 4 farm animals and soft barn to carry them in. The animals make crinkle noises and the cow moos. It's super easy to pack because it can be squished in a suitcase. Mooshi has fun pulling each animal out and carrying the barn around. To buy on Amazon, click here.

3. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Shape Sorter

In our house, these are called "travel blockies". It's a classic shape sorter toy that comes with a suitcase. There's a lot of pieces so it's not ideal for all travel situations. We normally only bring these if we are on an overnight trip. She normally just plays with the different shapes but on the other side are some lift flap things she might be interested in one day. Available at Amazon.

4. Baby Stella

Photo via Manhattan Toy Website

One of our favorite toys since she turned 1. It's a super portable doll that is machine washable. You can buy a customized version on the Manhattan toy website as well as endless compatible accessories. I especially love that they offer boy dolls and feature both genders playing with dolls. When we go on outings, we usually let Mooshi bring Baby Stella and her magnetic pacifier. If Mooshi makes a game of dropping her all over the place? No problem! Baby Stella is completely machine washable.

To make your own custom Baby Stella doll, check out the Manhattan Toy website.

5. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Fox

"Mr. Fox" has been Mooshi's bestie since she was only a few months old. We'd clip him nearby and she'd just bat him around and babble. Now that she's walking, she likes to carry him around. He has an attached bumpy leaf for teething and pretend play, as well as other features like a rattle. He has a flexible clip that works great for attaching him to carseats, strollers, cribs, and the like. Available at Amazon.

Happy travels!