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City Strolls: Fuss-Free Universal Stroller Organizers

I’ve learned the hard way that even with the roomiest diaper bag, I still need a few things at arms reach when strolling around. Like when I want a quick sip from my water bottle while waiting for the crosswalk light or when Mooshi can't wait until the park before she wants a teething cracker. Stopping to dig around in the bag at the bottom of the stroller just isn't ideal.

But if I put absolutely everything within reach on my stroller, then I’d just look like clutter on wheels. Luckily, the right stroller organizer attachment can keep everything compartmentalized and easy to grab.

These are my favorite solutions:

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1. For Running Errands/Shopping: The Buggy Baggy

I struggled for months trying to figure out how to shop with a stroller and balance a shopping basket until I discovered the Buggy Baggy. The Buggy Baggy is a genius invention that attatches to the front of your stroller and instantly becomes your shopping cart. When you don't want it, you can fold it flat or clip it off for easy reattachment. It’s surprisingly sturdy and keeps its balance, even when filled with pasta jars and other heavy groceries. In fact, it claims it can hold up to 20 pounds! Finding this basket made car-free errands around the city fun again.

I originally bought it on Amazon but it is currently out of stock and its unclear if it will ever be restocked. But you can buy it directly from the Buggy Baggy website and support a small business.

2. For Quick Strolls: Skip Hop Universal Stroller Organizer

If you mostly rely on your purse or diaper bag but want somewhere to keep your phone or a bottle in reach, then this is perfect. It‘s really low profile and has a zip pouch for things like a wallet or keys. Just a warning: I find it too flimsy and shallow to use as a real cup holder for drinks. It‘s available at Amazon.

3. For Traversing the City: Swanoo Non-Slip Stroller Organizer

This is great for daily use but it’s absolutely amazing for long outings. I can walk for miles without needing to dig in my purse or reach in the diaper bag. It has deep, insulated cupholders to keep milk cold and coffee warm. In addition to the usual pocket features, there's also a special holder for wipes and a mirror. Best of all, it has super robust straps to keep it in place. Available on Amazon.

4. For Some Pizazz: Itzy Ritzy Adjustable Stroller Caddy

If you’re looking for something stylish that functions more like a clutch, this one might fit the bill. It‘s functionally similar to the Skip Hop model above, but with a leather look and gold hardware. In a sea of similar strollers at the museum coat check, this is a fast way to spot yours. Available on Amazon.

4. For Space and Style: Piyokishop Kinderwagen Organizer

This unique find on Etsy is spacious and the perfect way to add a pop of color to a neutral stroller. As much as I love black, sometimes it’s nice to have a colorful bag so you can easily see what’s in the bottom. This organizer is big enough to replace a diaper bag for short outings but small enough to not take up too much space on the stroller handles. Available on the Piyokishop store on Etsy.

5. For Originality and Fun: NataPatterns Stroller Organizer PDF Sewing Pattern

If you have the time and the skills, why not design your own? With this pattern, you can choose your favorite fabrics and sew a unique organizer nobody else will have! Available on the NataPatterns Etsy Shop.


One final note: All of these are great options for walking around but won‘t keep things in place if you fold your stroller up into a car. Depending on the bag, I just remove those items and put them in my purse before putting the stroller in a car.

Happy Strolling!