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Destress & Refresh: Embroidery in 1-2-3

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

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When I was little, my grandma kept embroidery floss mixed in with her sewing supplies. I marveled at the colors, but I always assumed it was too difficult to try. I was already struggling with basic sewing and always needed her help to use the sewing machine.

Flash forward to quarantine life. I've been looking for an indoor hobby that doesn't involve any screens. I stumbled across embroidery kits and on a whim I searched YouTube to see if it was as easy as the kits claimed. I was mesmerized by the rhythmic stitching in the videos and realized it was the perfect hobby for zoning out.

This hobby doesn't work when your toddler is around. It's like a cat to yarn. But if you still think it's something you'd be interest in, here's how to get started:

1. Buy An Embroidery Kit

This is the kit I've been using. It comes with everything you need, including detailed instructions, scissors, extra needles, and carefully labeled yarn colors. It functions like a paint by numbers but with stitching and floss. My favorite thing about it is that there's always plenty of floss left over, which is great for making mistakes. I recommend starting with the green fabric pattern since it gives you a great introduction to the easy stitches. This kit is available on Amazon here.

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There are tons available on Amazon under $15. Here are 2 I might purchase next:

2. Search Youtube for Stitching Tutorials

My embroidery kit will came with detailed instructions, but I found it super helpful to watch videos online. It was also fun to see how many different types of stitches there are and how far you can develop your skillset.

3. Find Free Time

This was easier than expected! I replaced a lot of time I spent mindlessly scrolling on my phone with mindlessly embroidering. I focused on one type of stitch and floss color each day so that it was easy to pick up my work and get started again.

Is my work great enough that I can start selling my own designs on Etsy? Absolutely not. Am I enjoying myself? 100%! Can I see myself in 5 years embroidering on jackets and gifting framed embroidered quotes at holidays? A girl can dream!