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La Toilette: 5 Things to Stock Up on Besides Diapers

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The most common advice I received during my pregnancy was to relax and enjoy myself. JUST KIDDING! It was to stock up on diapers/wipes as much as possible before my baby arrived. While I did purchase a few packs and a case of wipes, I ultimately decided not to buy any more before our baby's arrival. Why?

  1. I had no idea what size my baby would need and for how long.

  2. I didn't want to overcommit to a specific brand without trying them.

  3. Wipes can't be stored indefinitely. Some will dry out or even develop mold if you take too long to use them or store them improperly.

  4. You can always buy in bulk later through diaper subscription programs or stores like Costco and still save money.

  5. Limited space in my apartment.

I think it makes sense to squirrel away money for diapers/wipes. An extra $10 here and there can really add up. But I'm not really sold on physically stocking up on diapers. But I do think there are some things worth devoting some time and resources to before your new bundle comes home. Some I did and some I regret not doing.

5 Things to Stock Up On Instead:

1. Baby Board Books!

There's a lot to say about why it's important for your baby's development to have a variety of books. But selfishly, this makes the list because I personally get bored of reading the same ones over and over. It's fun to revisit her favorites, but I also enjoy finally cracking open that book a coworker gifted us or the one I found on sale forever ago. I love having enough books to have a rotation and board books are pretty indestructible. Plus, unlike diapers, books can be handed down.

2. Travel Size Baby Toiletries

This was a cheap and a fun way to prepare for a baby. Instead of diapers/wipes, I got 2-3 brands of travel size baby shampoos, soaps, lotions, sunscreen, diaper creams, etc. Once she arrived, I was able to test out different products and figure out which ones worked best. It also made it easy to stash in different places like sunscreen in the back of her stroller or baby balm in my purse. They don't take up that much space and I'm still using them when we travel.

3. Watch List

Years ago, I started keeping a list on my phone of movies and shows to watch. It started because people would talk about a show or recommend a movie and I'd forget about it later. I'm also that annoying person who spends more time scrolling for a movie on Netflix than watching one. There's no time for that when you have a baby.

4. Phone Calls

This is one of my biggest regrets! I took for granted the amount of free time I had to call friends and family before becoming a mom. It's easy to quickly catch up with people I text every day. But reaching out to people I only see once a year requires more than a quick call with a yodeling toddler in the background. It would have been nice to reestablish some connections before my schedule revolved around naps.

5. Practical Burp Cloths

Another big regret. Like a fool, I gravitated towards fun printed cloths because they worked great for milk spit up and coordinated with her onesies. After my daughter began eating solid foods, it became clear that I had no where near the level of stain proof burb cloths I needed.

Every family is different so your top 5 might be different. But hopefully this will help someone think outside the (diaper) box!