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Nursery Decor: What to Prioritize?

On the list of things to do for prepping for a baby, how much priority should be given to decorating the nursery? On one hand, it's important to have a designated space for your little one and it's fun picking everything out. On the other hand, it can get pretty stressful and plenty of people around the world and all of humanity has made do without a nursery since the dawn of time.

With a toddler, I finally realized the true purpose of a decorated nursery: A peaceful space in my home amid 3 am wake-ups, teething tantrums, endless laundry, and the like. I had a ton of fun decorating around a natural history museum theme and it's led to a creative play space. But the best aspects of the room have nothing to do with framed prints, giant stuffed animals, or accent walls. It's about having an organized and relaxing space where I can focus on just being with Mooshi. That's the only theme that matters. When I'm in the nursery putting Mooshi to bed or playing with her, I forget about everything else.

Here's some tips on creating your own serene nursery space:

1. Don't stress about trends. Focus on what brings you joy!

Paint the wall your favorite color, not the color of the year. Hang a picture that always makes you smile. Decorate with an old souvenir from one of your favorite trips. It's about creating a happy place, not recreating a magazine cover.

2. Appreciate that decorating can be a revolving outlet for your creativity.

Don't feel rushed to have everything perfect before your baby arrives. Instead, think of the space as a way to express yourself that can be continually updated. Feel free to add things or switch them out as your baby gets older. Don't feel pressured to buy any object you already know you'll want to replace. That perfect piece for the blank wall might show up months down the road as a flea market find or in the window of your favorite store.

3. Keep it easy to baby proof.

You don't need to baby proof right away for a newborn, but it's good to keep in mind when decorating. You want to be able to sit back and not worry about your baby clunking her head on a heavy accent table or nibbling on the potted plant in the corner.

4. Don't overcrowd the room.

Leave space for tummy time and crawling around with your baby. This will also make the space feel more open. Think about what can be stored in the closet between uses or can go in another room. Every baby item doesn't need to be in your baby's room.

5. Make sure everything has a place.

No need to go overboard with tightly rolled socks, labeled baskets, and swaddles organized by color. Just plan out where everything generally should go so it can quickly be put away by any family member. Plus if it's organized, then it will be easier for a babysitter to find what they need.

6. Declutter before setting up a nursery in a shared space.

What can you donate? What can be thrown out? What doesn't belong? You'd be surprised how much fresher your room can feel after just 30 minutes of decluttering. Our bedroom doubled as a nursery for Mooshi's first 6 months. Her stuff pretty much took over the room so it helped that I stopped some of my bad habits like leaving mail on the dresser or shoes in a pile.


I hope you found this list useful! Lookout for blog posts with inspiring decorating ideas in the future. Feel free to subscribe below!